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Primjeri ugovora - Ugovor o rukovođenju (Menagement contract)

1.6.2018, , Izvor: Verlag Dashöfer

11.57 Primjeri ugovora – Ugovor o rukovođenju (Menagement contract)

Skupina autora



(hereinafter referred to as: Company)


(hereinafter referred to as: Manager)

make and enter into



The parties to this contract ascertain preliminarily:

  • - the objective of this contract is to regulate the business relations between the signatories referring first of all to consulting and implementation of management services,
  • - the Manager was appointed in meeting ___________ on the day of....................to function as a Company director who shall execute the managerial services with the client on the basis of this contract within the period of his term of office.


The Manager undertakes to fulfill his business tasks under this contract within the contract validity term during his full working time according to Company needs, respectively also during eventual extended working time. The Manager may from justified reasons (illness, leave, business absence) temporarily transfer his authorities to a deputy / mandatory.